Magnum Heat 120 Cap

By Magnum

Sweatier Than You’ve Ever Been

Magnum Heat Accelerated Combines 30 Fat-Incinerating Ingredients To Create The Perfect Fat Burning Environment.

Heat Accelerated will have you firing on all cylinders! Infusing thermogenic agents and natural stimulants, Heat Accelerated raises the body’s core temperature to promote fat loss, leaving you a sweaty mess every time you train! It also contains a blend of adaptogens to promote fat reduction and support impressive physical transformations. Adaptogens are anti-oxidants that help support endocrine hormones and may promote immune system function, help the body cope with stress and promote optimal homeostasis. It even mobilizes fat throughout the body to be used and burned as energy.

Reduce Fat Storage

Green Coffee Bean (30% Chlorogenic Acid)promotes the loss of visceral fat. Chlorogenic acid and caffeine found in Green Coffee Extract promote fat loss by blocking gastric and pancreatic lipase. By blocking these lipases, Green Coffee Extract reduces the amount of fat being digested and stored as body fat, thus promotes the metabolism of fat for energy

Burn More Fat As Fuel

Raspberry Ketones allow hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) to translocate within the fat cell. HSL is the enzyme that, once inside the fat cell, slices apart fat molecules into various fatty acids in preparation for fat metabolism. It also has an ability to enhance norepinephrine-induced fat loss by promoting the relocation of HSL from the cytosol of cells directly to fat deposits. INOSITOL has been proven to help redistribute fat, transporting these fats elsewhere in the body to be used as energy.

Increase Smooth Energy

P2 Oolong Tea contains P2 Polymerized Polyphenols, which increase the body’s energy expenditure without the use of additional caffeine. Additionally, P2 Polymerized Polyphenols inhibits the absorption of fats and calories in the digestive tract - reducing body-fat even further. Heat Accelerated also combines Guarana Seed, Caffeine Anhydrous, Kola Nut, Yerba Mate, Cocoa Seed, and Coffee Bean to give you a multi staged releasing stimulant effect like no other.

Balance While You Burn

Rhodiola is an adaptogen herb that reduces cortisol levels, improves mood and enhances mental and physical performance. It is cardio-protective - it has a normalizing effect on heart-rate immediately after intense exercise, and improves nervous system and mental functions by increasing blood supply to muscles and the brain. Finally, Rhodiola possesses powerful anti-depressive agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect results from Magnum Heat Accelerated?

You should start to see results in your first week; however, you will likely feel increased energy and body temperature in the first three days.

What results can I expect from taking Magnum Heat Accelerated?

Reported results include a huge energy boost for exercising, tightening of troubled fat areas, enhanced metabolism and an increase in body temperature (contributing to being constantly warmer and sweating more during exercise).

Will I get anxiety and/or jitters from Magnum Heat Accelerated?

No. Magnum Heat® Accelerated has an all-natural, Pharmaceutical Grade stimulant blend that has been tested and is guaranteed to not cause anxiety, jitters or a crash.

Why have Adaptogens been added to Magnum Heat Accelerated?

Many people who have tried fat burners have felt an “imbalance” or hazy or funny feeling. This is quite frequent as a significant change in your body composition (loss of fat) will have an effect on your hormonal balance. Adaptogens have been added to Heat® Accelerated to help balance your hormones and eliminate that funny feeling.

What is the optimal way to take Magnum Heat Accelerated?

We recommend that you take 6 capsules per day – 3 when you wake up and 3 before training. You should also take 3 capsules, twice daily, on your non-training days. Empty stomach is critical for optimal absorption.

Are there any products you recommend to take with Magnum Heat Accelerated?

Yes, Magnum Heat Accelerated has been formulated to work synergistically with Magnum Acid. Many clients have written testimonials on how these two products helped them to achieve excellent fat-loss and drastically change their physique – this is called the Magnum Incinerator Stack. Magnum DNA is also an excellent addition to Magnum Heat Accelerated as it will further promote fat burning through lean muscle building and through intensified training.