Allmax Casein FX 2lb

By Allmax

  • Zero Non-Protein Aminos
  • Enzyme-activated protein absorption
  • 25 g Slow-Release Protein per Serving
  • Next Level Night Time Supplementation

Casein proteins are the main proteins found in milk in cheese. Unlike fast-absorbing whey isolate protein powder, casein powder is broken down and digested very slowly. This is why many athletes choose to consume casein shakes before bed as it provides a slow and steady release of amino acids throughout the night. This is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of casein protein.

Aside from providing all of these benefits, these organic casein protein products are made from the highest quality ingredients. AllMax Casein-FX is 100% free of non-protein amino acids, which means that all of the protein you’re getting is from a complete whole-protein source. Casein-FX is gluten-free, kosher-certified, and lab-tested to ensure the purity, quality and potency you have come to expect from AllMax.

CASEIN-FX is a revolutionary approach to keeping your system fueled with a constant flow of muscle-building protein. Made with 100% Pure Micellar Casein Source and supported by our exclusive ACTIVASE digestive enzyme blend to provide maximum absorption.