Believe Vegan Protein 667g

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Are you looking for a great tasting and natural way to fuel your body with protein?

Believe Vegan Protein is here to help! This plant-based premium vegan protein powder packs delicious organic mung bean, pea protein, and organic brown rice into one rich, creamy shake. Not only that โ€“ it's super easy to mix into smoothies or bake goods so you can get the nutrition you need without compromising on taste.

With Believe Vegan Protein at your side, gaining muscle strength and power has never tasted this good before. Replenish whatโ€™s lost during intense workouts while enjoying the natural flavor of our vegan blend โ€“ no gimmicks required.

- Increases daily protein intake
- Helps grow and repair muscles
- Fast absorption post-workout tastes
- Quick and easy snack, or stack with a greens powder for a more complete meal replacement

Each serving of Flavored Vegan is packed with 20g of plant-based protein with no added sugar, dye or flavour. This product is Lactose Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, and also free from any Dyes.