Pro Line Liver Rehab 90Cap


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LIVER REHAB™ aids in the removal of toxins (heavy metals, environmental chemicals, drug residues) from the body and liver. It also helps with the creation of bile, the synthesis and utilization of cholesterol, and works to clean the blood, leading to healthy skin. The nutraceuticals and clinically- proven herbal extracts found in this formula can generate cellular regeneration of healthy new liver cells. Next to the skin, the liver is the largest organ in the body and everything ingested by the body, (absorbed through the skin, breathed in or eaten) must be processed by the liver. Over 500 bodily functions are dependent on the liver including the creation of bile (for digestion), regulation of blood sugar, filtering the blood, the synthesis and utilization of cholesterol, the production and break down of hormones, and especially, the detoxification of toxins, both externally derived and internally produced.

WHAT CONDITIONS CAN LIVER REHAB BENEFIT? LIVER REHAB™ can be used as a simple liver cleanser for those wanting to detoxify their bodies as part of any cleansing program. Cleansing and rejuvenating the liver is a necessary treatment for many ailments related to liver malfunction. These include cirrhosis, fatty liver, hepatitis, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance in both genders and skin problems (including acne and psoriasis). LIVER REHAB™ is especially important for those who have used drugs, both over-the-counter and prescription, for long periods of time.

WHAT MAKES LIVER REHAB A SUPERIOR FORMULA? LIVER REHAB™ introduces a new tag-team of herbal extracts clinically proven to protect the liver from chronic liver damage. Recent scientific experiments with two Traditional Chinese herbs, Astragalus and Schisandra, have revealed a synergistic relationship between them. Together these two herbal extracts create a powerful liver protecting and rejuvenating effect.

DIETARY ASPECTS You can work with LIVER REHAB™ to make it more effective at detoxifying and rejuvenating your liver. For the period of time that you are using the product make every attempt to avoid vices (coffee, tobacco, alcohol, drugs of any kind) and to eat a healthful diet. Try to avoid deep fried foods, fatty foods, excessive animal protein, excess sodium, refined carbohydrates such as flours and sugars, and processed foods containing chemical preservatives, coloring agents and artificial flavors. Make a point of eating whole fruits and vegetables, especially apples, grapefruit and the cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts), eat whole grains, or yams and sweet potatoes, for carbohydrates, and use vegetable-based, or lean animal proteins. Whey protein is especially helpful, since it raises levels of the antioxidant glutathione in the body. For those who might find this difficult, take the approach of eating well during the week and allowing more indiscretions on the weekends.

LIVER REHAB™ will do its job even if your diet is not impeccable but it will work better if you work with it.