Diesel 360g


Experience pure power with Perfect Sports Diesel Protein Powder: 100% New Zealand Whey Isolate.

  • Informed Choice Certified: 3rd-Party WADA Banned Substances Tested for ultimate transparency.
  • Canada’s #1 Choice: New Zealand Whey Protein sweetened exclusively with Stevia.
  • Complete Purity: Fat-free, yeast-free, wheat-free, 99% lactose-free, gluten-free & aspartame-free.
  • Muscle-Building Formula: Mega-dosed with 7g BCAAs and 5g L-Glutamine for optimal recovery.

Perfect Sports Diesel is not just protein; it's a commitment to excellence. As Canada’s #1 Choice for New Zealand Whey Protein, Diesel is sweetened exclusively with Stevia and undergoes rigorous 3rd-party testing for WADA Banned Substances. This dedication to transparency ensures you get the purest protein experience.

Derived from New Zealand grass-fed and pasture-raised dairy, Diesel's whey protein isolate is a product of Meadow Fed cows—pesticide-free and without antibiotics, rBGH, or BST hormones. The filtration process, using cross-flow micro-filtration and ultra-filtration, preserves the highest levels of protein fractions for maximum benefits.

Diesel's muscle-building formula takes it a step further, providing a mega dose of 7g BCAAs and 5g L-Glutamine. These essential components support muscle recovery, repair, and growth, preventing the breakdown effect of intense training.

This protein powder isn't just about gains; it's about overall well-being. With the highest-rated Biological Value (BV) protein, Diesel supports the immune system, liver function, wound healing, and antioxidant production. Mix it instantly, and enjoy the benefits of a product that is fat-free, yeast-free, wheat-free, 99% lactose-free, gluten-free, and aspartame-free.

Perfect Sports Diesel is more than a protein—it's the cleanest, purest, and best whey protein isolate available, elevating your fitness journey to new heights.

Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.