TC Nutrition Hydramino EAA's 45 Serv

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What Is HydraMino?

Are you looking for great tasting aminos to enhance your supplement regiment, while supporting your efforts to stay hydrated? TC nutrition HydraMino EAA is for you!

Formulated with 7g of vegan fermented BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ration, 1g of EAA, and an electrolyte matrix, HydraMino EAA helps promote enhanced recovery time, increases training endurance, proper hydration as well as supporting lean muscle. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their training and recovery!

HydraMino EAA is the new standard for amino acid supplementation.

What Separates HydraMino EAA?

Other amino acid supplement fail because they have:

  • Incomplete amino acid profiles (no EAAs).
  • A ridiculous BCAA ratio (i.e. 10:1:1, 4:1:1).
  • A lack of crucial aminos needed for recovery.
  • A lack of crucial electrolytes.
  • No glutamine for added recovery.

Standard amino acid supplements on the market today only contain the three branch chain amino acids (BCAAs); leucine, isoleucine and valine. While the three BCAAs are crucial, they're simply not the full spectrum of amino acids needed for proper protein synthesis and muscle repair. We like to use the baseball metaphor; imagine your team only has 3 of the 9 players on the field - it just wouldn't work! Similarly, all 9 essential amino acids must be present for full efficacy.

Essential amino acids (EAAs) contain the entire spectrum of amino acids your body requires when it needs to build new tissue. EAAs are called "essential" because the body cannot synthesize them on its own. You must obtain them through food or supplementation.

EAAs not only stimulate protein synthesis, but also support energy production and cellular repair. Additionally, EAAs are need for complete and healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. What's more, EAAs protect each cells mitochondria, the "power plant" of the cell the stimulates ADP production.

Not only did we formulate and flavour this full spectrum essential amino acid to perfection, we included glutamine and electrolytes for added recovery and hydration.

When it comes to intra workout supplementation, the choice is clear - choose HydraMino EAA!


  • Increases muscle protein synthesis.
  • Enhances exercise performance.
  • Prevents muscle protein breakdown.
  • Enhances muscular hydration.
  • Enhances recovery speed.
  • Supports muscle growth.
  • Enhances mitochondrial function.
  • Ideal for training and non-training days!