Magnum Thrust 120 Cap

By Magnum

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  • Can Promote faster muscle growth
  • Improves recovery time
  • Provides a deeper sleep with more vivid dreams
  • Increased libido and strength
  • Reduces DHT and estrogen
  • 120 capsules in each bottle


Thrust contains a blend of ingredients designed to make a drastic difference in your body's testosterone levels. Each ingredient is tested for purity and is 100% pharmaceutical grade, so you know you're choosing a supplement that is the best of the best. Magnum's mantra is "better ingredients, better results." The company uses only CGMP facilities that are subject to government auditing for the highest quality supplements possible.


With Magnum Thrust, customers report feeling a noticeable difference in as little as five days. The effects of Thrust include increased libido, higher energy, deeper sleep, vivid dreams, and more complete recovery. Regardless of where you're at in life, Thrust can help take your testosterone levels to the extreme.

Reduce estrogen while boosting your body's testosterone levels naturally with Magnum Thrust!