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Mars Whey Protein

By Mars

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Sometimes, things you love aren’t really too good to be true. If you love the taste of a Mars Bar, you’re going to love Mars Protein Powder. This delicious supplement features chocolate and caramel flavours within a whey protein powder for a taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth and a protein blend that will keep your muscles fueled and happy.

  • 21g of protein
  • 140 calories per serving
  • Delicious taste
  • 25 servings


It isn’t always smart to eat a Mars Bar every day, but now you can enjoy your favourite candy bar flavours in a protein mix that will build you up. Mars Protein Powder features 21 grams of protein and only four carbs per serving. You’ll also enjoy drastically less sugar and fat than the traditional candy bar!


This protein mix is oozing with the flavours you’ve come to know and love from Mars. When you make a protein shake with this mix, you’ll taste the decadent chocolate and delicious caramel that can only come from your favourite candy. It doesn’t get any better than Mars Protein Powder!