Muscle Sport Test Black


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  • Creates anabolic bodily state*
  • Helps block estrogen*
  • May lower cortisol levels*
  • Amplifies muscle protein synthesis*
  • Includes the super nitric oxide booster Nitrogisine® to help nutrient distribution*.

Only the best, clinically validated ingredients were painstakingly chosen and dosed at efficacious levels. The final product aggressive, cutting edge formula that enhances test levels, bolsters performance and helps pack on lean, hard muscle.

Take a look at a few key ingredients in Test BLACK's™ open-label formula and see why it is an anabolic animal’s dream come true:

  • Boron - Suggested in human clinical research to support free testosterone and decrease estradiol in just 7 days.
  • 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin - A natural plant sterol
  • LongJax® 20:1 Extract - Shown to significantly raise both total and free testosterone levels while simultaneously lowering cortisol.
  • Nitrosigine - A "super nitric oxide" booster that opens up blood pathways into the muscles to improve nutrient distribution.
  • Maca Extract - To help block the body's production of estrogen while boosting testosterone levels.